Boat Rental

Shark 1
[Min. 3Hrs (10Km) / Min. 6Hrs (30Km)]

Book a Fishing/Fun Trip

If you’re looking for boat rental, reach Al Jazeera Dive Centre for the real boating enjoyment and experience! We are able to provide boat cruises that can cater to corporate events, private parties, and private cruises. You may also use it for Fishing Trip & Diving trip within Ras Al Khaimah sea. In addition, all our boats are having attached bathroom that you may nothing to worry during the long trip.

Jazeera 3
[Min. 3Hrs (10Km) / Min. 6Hrs (30Km)]

Jazeera 4
[Min. 3Hrs (10Km) / Min. 6Hrs (30Km)]

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