Scuba Equipment Services

Proper maintenance of scuba equipment is very important for several reasons. Not only is it safer to use, but it lasts longer and better maintains its value. The following sections provide useful information about keeping scuba equipment in good shape

Diving gear is made up of rubber, plastic and metal parts that are subject to oxidation and decay. Salt, dust, dirt, heat, ultraviolet light, ozone and fumes can all be harmful to scuba equipment, so divers should use good judgment in protecting their gear from these substances


All regulators should be serviced according to manufacturer’s suggestions,


  • Visual inspection
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Valve servicing
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Convert to nitrox
  • Tumbling
  • Hydro-Testing


Service according to manufacturer’s suggestions,

Dive Computers:

Annual service is recommended to ensure the longevity of delicate and expensive equipment. Be sure to follow any and all manufacturer’s recommendations and consult the owner’s manual before attempting replacement of the batteries.


The very own of Al Jazeera Diving & Swimming Center is a skilled certifified ASSET inspector & do the maintenance of all the Scuba gear of His own diving center for more 15 years.