Artificial Reef For Sale

Ready-made Artificial Reef

An Artificial Reef is a human-made underwater structure, typically built to promote marine life in areas with a generally featureless bottom, control erosion, block ship passage, or improve surfing. We are providing artificial reef that would be look like a pyramid with holes. Its made by concrete, by using a mixture of cement, metals, iron & sand.

We do producing Artificial Reefs for better creativity to make it artificial creations underwater. We places these Reefs in underwater, where plants grow inside and the fishes swimming around and make a beautiful appearance inside the water. You will get an extra ordinary feelings in underwater, so you can really enjoy diving in the ocean. We also share this reefs to you if you wish to place a Reef in your favorite location underwater and we provide fixing & arrangements of pyramid in the sea as well.

Manufacturing: Mixture of Concrete Cement, Sand, Steel.
Shape: It is triangle in shape with holes on the three faces.
Dimensions: 120cm ground width on each side, 126 cm height and 300kg weight.

Price: 400AED